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Special Offer
Courtesy Car*
1000 Miles Checkup
Same Day Conversion
Tank Size
UK LPG Registration

3 Cyl :£719 £650

4 Cyl :£839 £750

5-6 Cyl :£1199 £1050

8 Cyl :£1680 £1300

20 % OFF
2 Years
Additional Charges
Additional £40
Budget Kit

3 Cyl :£1199 £1050

4 Cyl :£1319 £1150

5-6 Cyl :£1679 £1450

8 Cyl :£1919 £1700

20% OFF
2 Years
Biggest Possible
FREE (worth £40)
Premium Kit

*All Bookings require 10% non-refundable deposit.

The above mentioned prices are fixed LPG conversion prices however these may vary for; commercial vehicles, vans, supercharged vehicles, turbo vehicles, sports vehicles, compressor, super and prestige vehicles. Prices may also vary should the vehicle require a fuel return system. Should your vehicle require a valve saver kit, this will be installed by our engineers within the LPG Conversion offer price. Final prices are based on one standard tank. An additional tank will carry extra charges (parts & labour). All booking confirmations are subject to a non refundable deposit. We require 72 hours notice if you wish to alter or reschedule your appointment. LPG Conversions are no longer available on Diesel / classic and direct injection engine vehicles.

All Offers & Sub-Offers are subject to Availability

Accessories Price List

Item Price

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Colour Coded Filler Cap £ 48
Valve Saver Kit£ 90
EU LPG Adaptor£ 18
EU LPG Adaptor (Set of 3)£ 48
Valve Saver Fluid£ 15/500ml
Valve Saver Fluid£ 24/1000ml
Fuel Return System£ 96
LPG System Servicing£ 90
Diagnostic Standards£ 60
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Autogas Conversion
What is it?
  • Autogas is widely used as a 'Green' fuel it contributes in the reduction of exhaust emissions
  • In comparison to Petrol, Autogas reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 25%
  • Autogas is the third most popular automotive fuel in the world
  • All petrol cars are compatible for an LPG conversion
  • LPG conversions are highly cost effective.
Things to consider before conversion
  • Size of the tank needed and where the tank is situated
  • Type of kit
  • LPG filling nozzle place
  • Where you want to install fuel switch button
  • Using a professional and accredited autogas conversion specialist