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UK LPG Approved Installer

UKLPG is the trade association for the LPG industry in the UK, representing companies who are producers, distributors, equipment and service providers, and vehicle converters. UKLPG Approved installer for AutogasIt is dedicated to the safe and effective development of LPG and takes a leading role in the consultation and negotiation with legislators and policy makers.

UKLPG was formed by the merger of the LP Gas Association (LPGA) and the Association for Liquid Gas Equipment and Distributors (ALGED) in January 2008. Its roots are firmly established, with LPGA and ALGED established in 1947 and 1975 respectively.

Their mission is to:
  • Champion and guard safety and technical standards within the LPG industry and provide advice and guidance to members
  • Promote the safe use of LPG Inform and lobby opinion formers and legislators (in the UK, and the EU via the AEGPL) with regard to issues that affect the LPG industry and opportunities or legislative threats
  • Work with members of the industry and other bodies to ensure the right skills for the industry's future recognized and developed
  • Raise the profile of the benefits, good experience and qualities of LPG to specific and agreed audiences.

UKLPG are members of both the AEGPL (European Association for the LPG industry) and WLPGA (World LPG Association).

To find out how Ecotec Autogas Conversion Ltd is implementing UK-LPG Standards at their Conversion centre please Contact us at Phone: 01895 348 518 or E-mail at

Autogas Conversion
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Autogas Conversion
What is it?
  • Autogas is widely used as a 'Green' fuel it contributes in the reduction of exhaust emissions
  • In comparison to Petrol, Autogas reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 25%
  • Autogas is the third most popular automotive fuel in the world
  • All petrol cars are compatible for an LPG conversion
  • LPG conversions are highly cost effective.
Things to consider before conversion
  • Size of the tank needed and where the tank is situated
  • Type of kit
  • LPG filling nozzle place
  • Where you want to install fuel switch button
  • Using a professional and accredited autogas conversion specialist