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Please read through the following Terms and Conditions carefully, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call, ECOTEC AUGTOGAS CONVERSION LTD is keen to explain any query so that you feel completely informed often in a clear and non-technical manner.



Prices quoted usually include VAT unless otherwise stated. Customers must pay a 10 per cent deposit upon booking, which is taken as acceptance of Ecotec Autogas Conversion Ltd.'s terms and conditions. Full payment must be made before the vehicle is released back to the customer.

ENGINE WEAR AND TEAR Before your vehicle can be converted, it has to be in good working order. Any minor faults involving petrol can show up as major problems when using LPG. Particular attention should be paid to the spark plugs and ignition system. Any additional work will be charged for at normal garage rates.

Very few engines are prone to higher levels of valve wear than others. If Ecotec autogas Conversion Ltd is aware of a problem with your vehicle, our technicians will advise you and take action to resolve the issue. This could involve fitting a flash-lube kit or setting the vehicle to use petrol in some conditions.

Some exhaust systems are prone to damaging the catalytic converter but this issue can also be overcome.

While the LPG components carry a life time warranty against faulty manufacture and installation, Ecotec Autogas Conversion Ltd and its affiliates do not accept any liability for damage to a vehicle due to it running on LPG.This includes valve and valve seat wear and exhaust system malfunction. If the vehicle breaks down, it is the owner's responsibility to return the vehicle to the installer. Additional legal information regarding use of this website and its contents can be found here.


  • Prices quoted are for the supply and fitment of the agreed conversion kit. Additional charges will include a full tank of LPG. Ecotec Autogas Conversion Ltd may request a deposit on booking, which will be deducted from your final invoice.
  • All payments must be made and cleared prior to releasing the vehicle back to the customer.
  • Ecotec Autogas Conversion Ltd accepts UK debit cards, credit cards, electronic bank transfers, and cash as payment. Please note there will be a 2.5% charge made for payments using credit cards.
  • Any agreed complimentary collection and return of a vehicle is subject to the LPG conversion taking place. In the event that the vehicle is not found to be suitable for conversion either as a result of incorrect information being given by the customer, or a mechanical fault the pickup and return service will be charged at a minimum rate of £100.00.


All conversions carried out by Ecotec Autogas Conversion Ltd carry a life time warranty, covering faulty manufacture and installation from the date of fitting. This warranty is in place whilst the customer remains the owner of the vehicle. Please note that all inspection and warranty work is done at our premises; it is the customers responsibility to return the vehicle. Service and warranty work may be facilitated at the customers address, call out charges will apply.

The following will invalidate this warranty.

  • Poor Quality Fuel
  • Unauthorized Repairs
  • Damage caused by failure of non-LPG parts
  • Abuse of vehicle or LPG system
  • Failure to maintain the system as required
    • Before your vehicle can be converted it should be in good working order. Minor engine problems can be exaggerated once converted to LPG. Any remedial work will be advised and if authorized will be charged out at our normal advertised workshop rates.

      Ecotec Autogas Conversion Ltd does not accept any liability with regard to damage to the vehicle due to running on LPG

      Please note in the event of a breakdown it is the owner's responsibility to return the vehicle to Ecotec Autogas Conversion LTD.

      ECOTEC AUTOGAS Conversion Ltd is not liable for any damages if work has been carried out without pre authorisation to other workshop/installers.

      Most modern engines are not prone to excessive valve wear. In all cases Ecotec Autogas Conversion Ltd does however recommend fitting a suitable valve saver kit as an extra precaution.

Autogas Conversion
What is it?
  • Autogas is widely used as a 'Green' fuel it contributes in the reduction of exhaust emissions
  • In comparison to Petrol, Autogas reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 25%
  • Autogas is the third most popular automotive fuel in the world
  • All petrol cars are compatible for an LPG conversion
  • LPG conversions are highly cost effective.
Things to consider before conversion
  • Size of the tank needed and where the tank is situated
  • Type of kit
  • LPG filling nozzle place
  • Where you want to install fuel switch button
  • Using a professional and accredited autogas conversion specialist