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LPG Conversion Specialist

Ecotec Autogas Conversion Ltd is a London based LPG Conversion Specialists helping the residents of London save a hand full of money on their fuel and also the Environment in which their families are living.

Process of LPG Conversion

Lpg Conversion SpecialistOne needs to consider few things before taking your car to LPG conversion specialist. Most LPG conversion specialist charge between £750 to £2,000. By using calculator at many LPG conversion Website you can find out the payback time of the LPG kit installation money.

  • Most vehicles four-stroke spark ignition engines can be converted to bi-fuel (LPG and petrol), including fuel-injected and turbo charged engines.
  • LPG conversion process is straightforward but should be carried out by a trained technician to get the right system for your car.
  • All approved LPG conversion specialist should carry out a conversion based on safety, environmental impact, reliability and value for money.
  • You will need to have significant space for the LPG tank, often fitted into boot of vehicle and sometimes in the spare wheel well, a device will be fitted to the dashboards allowing you to switch between LPG and petroleum and the refueling point will be placed near to the existing petroleum refueling point.

Advantages of LPG conversion

LPG has significant environmental and financial benefits as outlined below:

  • By converting to LPG you can automatically reduce your environmental impact as the amount of carbon dioxide your vehicle produces decreases. Compared to most petroleum vehicles, LPG vehicles produce 20% less CO2.
  • They are much quieter than diesel engines, LPG quickly evaporates if a spillage occurs and produces fewer particulates and nitrogen oxides.
  • Reduces reliance on petrol and diesel; there are already more than 1400 refueling stations across the UK.
  • As a result LPG is substantially cheaper at the pumps than petrol and diesel. It is estimated that a high mileage driver can save as much as 40% of their fuel costs with LPG compared to petrol, and 20% compared to diesel.
  • Congestion charges/road tax; Cars that run on LPG qualify for reduced taxation as they fit into lower tax bands. Many LPG vehicles are also exempt from congestion charges such as those in the city of London, Richmond and Westminster.

How do you get an LPG vehicle?

With increasing demand for LPG in UK especially London, many vehicle manufacturers are creating cars with bi-fuel capacity - running on both LPG and petroleum. Among the manufacturers that offer LPG in their vehicles are Citroen, Ford, Nissan, Proton, Renault and Vauxhall.

If you do not have the cash to buy or lease a brand new car, you can still significantly reduce your carbon emissions and save cash with an LPG conversion.

If you are looking for quality and low price LPG Conversion carried by Approved conversion specialist under controlled Environment and the one that comes with life time warranty then visit or call us at 01895 348 518 or just pop in and chat with our LPG Conversion Specialist. You can get the directions of the centre from our contact us page.

Autogas Conversion
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LPG Conversion

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Ecotec Autogas Ltd is approved installers in London where work is completed to Standard code of practice. With highest quality ...

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Ecotec Autogas Ltd is approved installers in London where work is completed to Standard code of practice. With highest quality services...

Autogas Conversion
What is it?
  • Autogas is widely used as a 'Green' fuel it contributes in the reduction of exhaust emissions
  • In comparison to Petrol, Autogas reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 25%
  • Autogas is the third most popular automotive fuel in the world
  • All petrol cars are compatible for an LPG conversion
  • LPG conversions are highly cost effective.
Things to consider before conversion
  • Size of the tank needed and where the tank is situated
  • Type of kit
  • LPG filling nozzle place
  • Where you want to install fuel switch button
  • Using a professional and accredited autogas conversion specialist